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SPSI WI based multi-carrier parcel and freight shipping systems, Wisconsin

SPSI offers Warehouse Shipping Software will help you save money, ConnectShip, Varsity, Kewill, Clippership, ProShip

Enterprise Shipping Systems

SPSI tailors our service offerings to meet your multi-carrier shipping process requirements. SPSI provides a broad set of shipping management solutions addressing medium enterprises shipping in excess of 250 packages per day as well as advanced solutions for large National or Multi-National corporations.

We have selectively partnered with the "best in class" software providers. SPSI Engineers' conduct detailed site analysis to assess your current processes and determine the appropriate distribution solution for your organization. SPSI focuses on the "best fit" software application, while helping our customers to recognize significant cost savings, improved customer value and a streamlined shipping process.

SPSI Engineers interface shipping information with the rest of your business, providing multiple opportunities to offer additional value to your customers. SPSI uses multiple communication protocols along with multiple system platforms to best integrate to any enterprise software including; CRM, accounting, WMS, order entry, customer service, inventory and other critical systems through best practices and automation.

Shipping Systems
  • SPSI is a certified partner and integrator of the entire ConnectShip® suite of Parcel Manifesting Solutions.
  • SPSI is the Midwest's premier provider of Kewill® Software and shipping solutions, including Clippership, K-Ship and Front Office.
  • SPSI is the Midwest's largest reseller of Best Way Technologies' ProShip® shipping application.
  • Distribution Software providers partner with SPSI to re-sell and integrate their products because SPSI delivers what we promise.
  • With our history of Consulting, Systems Integration and Solution Support experience, our customers have come to rely on SPSI's total package.
ProShip® from BWT
ProShip® is a product that provides the user with seamless integration of shipping processes and information between the customer´s ERP system and its carrier vendors. ProShip takes multi-carrier shipping functionality to the next level. Any multi-carrier shipping system can save some money in man-hours and rating; ProShip compounds these basic savings allowing companies to realize a more visible streamlined logistics department that increases profit and customer satisfaction. ProShip offers a fully user customizable solution. ProShip´s architecture allows it to run on your business rules. Seasoned engineers that understand the real needs of a logistics operation developed this software to address your needs. With ProShip, you have easy access to the latest carrier services.
Proship Brochure [PDF]

Click here visit the Proship Software Suite web site and download the White Paper
The SAP Certified ProShip Autobahn Enterprise Shipping solution is the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use solution that simplifies all aspects of packing and shipping. It seamlessly integrates SAP and the industry leading ProShip parcel/LTL shipping rating engines. Now the un-matched ProShip transaction speed, the most certified carrier services and best-in-class service and support is available directly from within your SAP landscape.
Proship Autobahn Brochure [PDF]

Click here to see Proship Autobahn listed in the SAP Ecohub
Best Way Technologies is an integrated solutions company with an experienced staff dedicated to resolving everyday operational problems. We specialize in logistics and manufacturing automation, seamless system integration and providing wireless and RFID technology solutions.

Click here to visit the Best Way Technologies web site.
CPS Shipping Software from
Harvey Software's CPS shipping software provides a comprehensive, cost-efficient multi-carrier shipping system supporting seamless, multi-carrier parcel logistics requirements. CPS benefits include printing carrier compliant shipping labels, data integration options, management reporting capabilities and fast package processing. CPS' price and performance attract both small and large shippers, including many Fortune 500 organizations.

For more information about Harvey Software's multi-carrier shipping software solutions and services, please visit www.HarveySoft.com.

ClipperShip from
Clippership® is the most recognized and widely deployed multi-carrier shipping solution among shipping and logistics professionals today. Kewill solutions are attended shipping solutions for organizations managing a small to medium volume of small parcel shipments using one or more shipping stations in a single location. No matter what a company ships or where they ship to, Kewill Clippership software enables dramatically faster, more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective shipping for customers who wish to significantly improve all of the processes involved in order fulfillment while meeting the requirements of carrier compliance.
ClipperShip Sellsheet [PDF]
Advisor from
ConnectShip® Advisor is a shipment rating application designed to assist with carrier/service selection decisions based on rates, accessorial fees and time-in-transit information. Advisor allows integration with order management, ERP and other backend systems.
Front Office from
Designed to work in combination with Kewill's leading shipping solutions, Clippership® and Kewill Ship® Enterprise, Kewill® FrontOffice provides enterprise-wide tracking and management of parcel and LTL shipments for multiple carriers, enabling businesses to keep their customers and customer service departments informed as packages move towards delivery.
Front Office Sellsheet [PDF]
Flagship Distribution from
Flagship Distribution Ship (DS) is a robust multi-carrier shipping management system that is best suited for single warehouse deployments. Its out-of-the-box business rules and domestic carrier support enable extremely rapid implementations, low cost of ownership, and quick ROI.
Previously known as Javalin Distribution.
Flagship Distribution Sellsheet [PDF]
Flagship Enterprise from
Flagship Enterprise Ship (ES) is an enterprise class multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high volume, multiple location, international, and domestic shipping. Flagship ES was specifically designed from the ground up with high-volume, sophisticated customer environments in mind.
Previously known as Javalin Enterprise.
Flagship Enterprise Sellsheet [PDF]
Flagship Export from
Flagship Export (EX) is to satisfy the demands of your domestic and international customers. Flagship Export can handle the unpredictable nature of international shipments with their multifaceted compliance and documentation requirements. Flagship Export guarantees your shipments will be delivered on time with minimal interruptions regardless of high volumes and destination.
Flagship Export Sellsheet [PDF]
Kewill's powerful Supply Chain Execution Suite provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the demands of today's adaptive supply chain networks. Kewill's solutions are flexible, scaleable, and process orientated, enabling customers to integrate, automate, and manage all of their supply chain business processes.
Toolkit from
ConnectShip™ Toolkit is a set of development tools for incorporating shipping functionality into new or existing business applications. Toolkit uses industry standard technologies such as .NET, COM and XML to provide a straightforward means for supporting shipping operations directly within enterprise, supply chain, and other e-business systems.
ToolKit Sellsheet [PDF]
ChainLink from
ConnectShip™ ChainLink is a complete application suite that enables shipment process automation. It includes functions to support office shipping requests, customer service inquiries, and shipment manifesting via small parcel and LTL carriers. ChainLink provides shipment processing, office desktop shipping, customer-service shipment history views, as well as the configuration and management tools required to support the application throughout an enterprise.
Chainlink Sellsheet [PDF]
Warehouse from
ConnectShip™ Warehouse is a client-server shipping execution application designed for companies with mid to high volume shipping requirements. It combines browser-based administration and configuration management functions with a full-featured shipping application. This provides customers with a single enterprise shipping solution that can be centrally managed and administered. Easily installed and configured, Warehouse provides your company with reliable and efficient fulfillment operations.
Warehouse Sellsheet [PDF]
Merchant from
ConnectShip™ Merchant, powered by Progistics™ technology, is an electronic routing guide for e-commerce and order management systems. Designed for front-end orderentry applications, it can be used as a stand-alone electronic routing guide or can be integrated into an enterprise system. When an order is placed from an e-commerce store or an order-entry application, Merchant provides the carrier freight charges and an estimated delivery date to the calling application. Merchant also produces the delivery date and time information. This information is specifically calculated for each order based on the customer order contents, ship date and carrier business rules. Advanced packing logic maps ordered items into individual.
Merchant Sellsheet [PDF]
ConnectShip™, a multi-carrier shipping solution provider and independent business unit of UPS®, works with all major carriers to interpret the rules for carrier compliance and provide rate-change information to its customers and partners. ConnectShip created the original PC-based shipping system in 1980 and holds U.S. patents for the application of client-server technology in logistics. In addition to a comprehensive suite of shipping software, ConnectShip makes available an API-based software developer's kit which allows for the integration of multi-carrier shipping functionality into existing enterprise systems. ConnectShip provides a powerful shipping engine, Progistics™, for ERP, TMS and WMS, integrated by a partner network of independent solution providers, including SPSI. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, additional information is available at www.connectship.com.
CalcRate from
CalcRate, ARTC's flagship program, is comprised of a carrier rate database and freight payment system. Users can determine, in advance, the expected freight charges for a particular shipment. By giving companies tools to "rate shop," users can quickly identify potential areas for savings.
CalcPak from
CalcPak will rate small package and parcel shipments via an electronic weighing device. Bar coded labels are automatically generated for package identification. Carrier specific manifests listing all packages, service types and tracking numbers are printed at the time of shipment. Carton level data is stored in history and available upon demand.
CalcRoute from
The CalcRoute Optimizer can save you up to 50% of your freight cost on LTL shipments. This software module analyzes and combines LTL shipments into truckload. The CalcRoute Optimizer is also for users who ship via truckload carrier. This software module will maximize load capacity while minimizing miles traveled.
Our transportation Software Products and Services consist of interrelated modules available individually or as a complete transportation system for both inbound and outbound receivers and shippers. Our Freight Payment Services allows the user to do freight payment in-house using our software or accessing our third-party service.
E-Ship from
Navision E-Ship integrates the entire packing and shipping function within the Navision database. Until now Navision customers have interfaced with external shipping systems. These external systems, while doing a good job of rating and shipping packages, do not have knowledge of the items being shipped.
E-Ship Sellsheet [PDF]
Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision integrates critical financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses. Easy to use and maintain, Microsoft Navision helps you maximize productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize service levels. Fully customizable, Microsoft Navision enables you to build a solution to meet your specific needs, giving you the freedom to focus on your business. Your company will be positioned to increase capacity and adapt effectively to market changes without disrupting everyday operations. And at all times, you can count on the backing of Microsoft and your local Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner.

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